A Ludicrous Idea

“Do you ever want to die so the shitty people who’ve wronged you feel guilty?” I asked, my hands gripping the wheel a little bit tighter than before. I’ve never said it out loud, but these past few weeks the thought has bubbled up in my mind on more than one occasion. “Why would you want … More A Ludicrous Idea


Write from the point of view of a day of the week.  I think she thinks I’m the enemy. She’s looked at me with the same amount of hatred a dog has headed to the vet…to get his balls chopped off. It’s like she thinks I set out to hurt her. As if I enjoyed it. But, … More Wednesday

Holding On

She was sweet, but she was mean. She was small, and the world was big. She would float on the water, looking into the infinite space above and ponder the immensity of the world around her. She thought back to a time when sadness overwhelmed her to the point of numbness. A numbness so blinding … More Holding On

The Woods

Write a poem with a twist. Her footsteps cease. A small cottage alone in the woods, tucked away in a white sheen of snow. Rumors of witches eating children flutter in her thoughts. She clutched the man next to her and lifted a trembling hand to knock on the painted wood, dark as night. Crackling … More The Woods

The Corner Booth

Use imagery as you write for fifteen minutes about your character trying a new restaurant. “I’ll take the corner booth,” she told the waiter quietly, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear. He was tall and gangly looking as he shrugged and gestured for her to follow him through the dark, romantic restaurant. She … More The Corner Booth

Dear Lucy

Write a diary entry or letter from the main character of your work in progress.  Dear Lucy, I don’t know you and I know you don’t know me, but you know my sister. Remember April? That kid you had once upon time? You’re memory might be a bit hazy depending on what drugs you’ve taken … More Dear Lucy

Beautiful It Was

“Come on,” I gestured towards the back of the stoned wall cafe. Your hand hesitated, hovering close to mine. For a second, I felt the impulse to reach for your hand.  Too soon you were moving forward through the quirky coffee shop. “This one,” I smiled up at it, suddenly able to smell your shampoo.  I followed close behind … More Beautiful It Was

Dear Dad

All I’ve ever wanted is to make you feel the way I do. You walk around everyday ignorant to the destruction you’ve created. You have the privilege of a happiness. one I’ve never known. You can smile without cringing. You can love without hesitating. You can hurt without crumbling. You don’t have to look away when you … More Dear Dad

On Leave

  Walker gripped the steering wheel tighter and turned the music up louder. He found his eyes dropping further with each moment, feeling the fatigue wash over him. In the seat next to him his buddy, Will, was just starting to wake up. They were making their way from Colorado back to Oregon, hopefully to … More On Leave


“Are you two going to teach me or just stand there gossiping?” I snapped tired of hearing the little whispering sessions between the two of them. Isaac’s head snapped up, glaring at me, and his jaw clenched. My body was still recovering from the beating I took last week. I still couldn’t understand how I … More Training