Emmett Kinley

“ The younger brother must help to pay for the pleasures of the elder.” – Jane Austen It was Sunday. Sunday meant they would go to the grocery store to buy exactly what was on their mother’s list, then to the deli to pick up her pound of pastrami to stick it in their lunches … More Emmett Kinley

Mustard Sky

I close my eyes and listen to you lie. You tell me that mustard is the color of the sky. I open my eyes and don’t dare look. I clench my hands as they shook. I ask, “Then what about the sun?” It looks like a turkey way past done. I do everything not to … More Mustard Sky

Out of Tune

I used to prefer having someone by my side at all times. It helped relieve the achey loneliness that had a way of crushing my windpipes. Then one day, a Saturday if I can recall, everyone was occupied. My parents were visiting family a city over and the few friends I had were busy with more pressing matters. … More Out of Tune