April Price

Together and alone as orphans.

“Get back here!” April Price screamed at her foster ‘sister’, chasing her around the table. “Give me my fucking book, you bitch!”

The girl, Caitlin, dangled the book in front of April, mocking her and laughing loudly. April’s anger was nearly exploding out of her chest while she debated whether or not to lunge across the table and slap the smile off her face. It wasn’t just some book that she stole out of her dresser, but the only possession of her mom’s she had left. It was a ratty book with pages falling out and the binding coming undone, but it was quite possibly the only significant thing she had left.  

“Are you gonna cry?” Caitlin asked in a bitter, sing-song voice making April’s blood boil. “What if I burn your mommy’s precious book? It’s not like she’s gonna come back for it.”

April had always had a temper and enough anger inside her to fuel a small army, and she knew this time would be no different. Her eyes shifted around the room trying to figure out how to get the book out of her grubby hands. They were still covered in peanut butter from stuffing her hole earlier. Caitlin didn’t only steal from the kitchen, but lunches from the younger kids. It was April’s job as the second oldest to continuously knock her off that pedestal. Looking down at the table there were two candlesticks, a table cloth, and a bowl of fruit with only an apple and a pile of rotting bananas. Moving quickly April snatched the apple out of the bowl and threw it as hard as she could at Caitlin’s face.

Her aim was not only spot on, but so was her force. The shiny, green apple soared over the table and connected with Caitlin’s nose hard. Dropping the book, she fell to the floor screaming and clutching her nose which was now profusely gushing blood. April ran around the table as the other kids started to rush into the dining room.

“What happened?” they all chorused crowding around them.

“Get out!” April shouted at them as they cowered away clutching each other like they would all be pelted with apples next. She crouched down next to Caitlin who had now proceeded to cry. “Next time think twice about touching my things or it’ll be more than a broken nose.”

Her younger, own flesh and blood brother, Travis, came walking in and clamped down on April’s arm tightly. He looked up at her with his big, brown eyes and she felt her heart squeeze a little from the sadness smeared all over his face. “I don’t wanna move again,” he whined with tears now filling his eyes. She sighed, feeling the oh so familiar burden of guilt knowing that once again they would be kicked out of their current foster home and relocated to the next one.

She took his hand and tugged him into the next room, “You didn’t like it here anyways, Travis.”

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