“And neither the angels in Heaven above
   Nor the demons down under the sea
Can ever dissever my soul from the soul
Of the beautiful Annabel Lee;”
– Edgar Allen Poe

“Please,” she cried. Her voice was desperate and so broken that even the demons watching her could have sympathized. Too bad it wasn’t enough. “Let him go! Vadat! Deditionem!” 

The Latin words that were seared into the vessels in her brain rolled off her tongue, but nothing was happening.

“We had a deal!” It was becoming more and more difficult to speak from the blood starting to pour down into her mouth. The taste of metal coated her teeth and gums as she dropped to her knees. The sound that escaped her was almost inhuman, matching the creatures surrounding her.

She screamed hoping someone, anyone, could hear her. She wasn’t going to be able to save him. Instead, she would have to hear the sound of the jagged claws ripping apart his chest, spilling his organs onto the rocky floor. She’d have to look into the glowing red eyes that bore into her soul and accept their fate.

She hadn’t even gotten the chance to tell him how sorry she was. She’d give her own soul just for one more minute with him. One more minute to recant her mistakes and all the things she said. She wouldn’t have asked him to leave.

A hand suddenly clamped down on her wrist, making her body seize in panic as she tried to pull away desperately. The grip on her arm only tightened and started to dig into her skin. She was sobbing and fighting whatever had a hold of her.

“April!” a voice shouted her name over and over again. She tried to cover her ears to block out the sound, scared of where it could be coming from. All she could see around her was a blackness so thick she could choke on it. Her body curled up into fetal position her whole body shaking.

April!” she heard it again, but this time it was clear as day and the voice was Emmett’s. She’d recognize it through an ocean of sounds as her eyes searched the darkness. Her hand moved to the one still fuzed to her wrist and felt human flesh. Not the flesh of a monster. “You have to get out of here!

“I’m not leaving without you,” she gasped in an attempt to spit out the blood still flooding the inside of her mouth. “I’m not letting you die. Not like this- not after everything.”

“It’s too late,” he shouted over the sudden, high-pitch screams filling the pit. It sounded like someone was being skinned alive. She could feel it in her bones that he would be next. She couldn’t watch it happen. Before she could lift a finger to help him, his hands were holding her face through the darkness and all she could make out was his voice. It was like gravel  “April, don’t do it. You’ve already saved me.”

“No,” she clenched her teeth, refusing to hear his pleas. She’d do anything not to watch him die. With all her strength, she ripped herself apart from him and started crawling frantically on the sharp rocks to where the screams were emitting.

“Deditionem!” April screamed over and over gain, as if it were a war cry. The way he had called out her own name. “Deditionem!” 

The Latin rolling off her tongue meant she would lose him. And everyone else above that watched them descend down into the depths of what they knew was Hell. This word was her only salvation. Her only way to save a pure heart.

I surrender. 

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