Tired Hearts

there is a road that will lead you home, a broken path that’s growing old He could hear her from all the way down the hall. His brothers were sleeping, but he was still awake and listening. He stepped closer, his bare feet cold on the wood floor. Her cries were broken and painful with every passing moment … More Tired Hearts

Against Protocol

“I think that you can’t stop thinking about me,” Isaac said looking down at me with hungry, dangerous eyes.  “Don’t flatter yourself,”  I muttered and rolled my eyes for emphasis. He moved closer, branches cracking underneath each step. I backed away ignoring the beating in my chest and the sweat building on my palms.  “You’re doing … More Against Protocol

Part of the Equation

“Don’t let two men fall in love with you, girls. It’s not the sort of thing that ends well.” – Uncommon Criminals His eyes cut downwards to April’s hands. She was clutching her gun so tight her knuckles were white and the veins practically popping out of her skin. She looked more pale than usual; her breath … More Part of the Equation

Diner Talk

Write a short story set in a restaurant. One character orders their favorite meal. The other character orders the same thing. One character leaves before the meal is over. “How have you been?” he asked his little brother, Emmett, who was shockingly tall compared to the last time they saw each other. Walker remembered how lanky … More Diner Talk


“Emma, listen to me!” he shouted grabbing her wrists and trying to pull her to him. “No, let go of me,” she struggled to push him away. “Why don’t you just talk to me? Please,” he pleaded. “Like you did?” she shouted back, no longer holding back her tears, but crying openly. It turned the … More Soulmates

Dear Baby Boy

Six word story. Poem edition.  Dear baby boy, you are strong; Stronger than I will ever be. I’ve loved you all the seasons. I’ve cherished you day and night. Yet, God decided to take you before I could hold you close. How could I let you go? When you were all I had. I stayed lying … More Dear Baby Boy