Dear Baby Boy

Six word story. Poem edition. 

Dear baby boy, you are strong;

Stronger than I will ever be.

I’ve loved you all the seasons.

I’ve cherished you day and night.

Yet, God decided to take you

before I could hold you close.

How could I let you go?

When you were all I had.

I stayed lying on the floor,

the bathroom tile cold and bloody.

Blinding, aching pains between my legs

when I realized this was goodbye.

I could feel you in me,

trying your damnedest to hold on,

but you slipped out of my grasp

with one last jolt of desperation.

Others tried to use consoling words,

but they could never feel it.

The despair, loneliness was just unbearable.

Sometimes, I can still feel you

in my head and my heart.

Maybe you never really left me.

*Photo Credit*


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