What Do You Love About Me? – Part One

“What do you love about me?” Dylan asked in a husky voice that made her knees go weak.

“I love the way you kiss,” she whispered as his lips brushed her cheek. Their bodies sunk down onto his bed without a thought. Thank goodness he had his own room.

“Oh yeah?” he asked smiling and pulled his lips away.

“Mhmm,” she hummed tugging him closer, but he resisted. “Come here!” He laughed and finally gave in, pushing his lips against hers as she kissed him back feverishly, wanting all of him.

“Are you sure it’s just the way I kiss?” he mumbled into her neck, sending chills down her spine and his hands started to roam-

“Emma!” a voice shouted her name and his door swung open heavily hitting the wall with a loud thud. She pushed him off of her, startled, at the sudden intruder. It was his older brother who seemed oblivious to the fact that they were in the middle of something.

“What the hell do you want, Jeff?” Dylan snapped, hands still on her waist. Emma wiped off her lips and sat up, readjusting her shirt. Dylan sounded about as annoyed as she felt.

“You didn’t stop in and say hi, Emma,” he said, leaning against the door jam and attempting to give her a sweet smile. Yet, it came of as creepy and somewhat intrusive. It didn’t take much to make her feel uneasy, like whenever he was around.

“Didn’t think that was a requirement,” she answered in a dull voice.

Jeff gave a low whistle, “Damn. So much hostility from you two. I thought we could see a movie or something?”

“Maybe another time,” she answered, feeling slight repulsion at the thought of sitting in a dark theater with him. “Thanks though.”

“Aww come on, Emma,” he teased.

Dylan jumped up and pushed him out the door, “Get out.”

Jeff’s uncomfortably flirtations were becoming more and more frequent. She hadn’t mentioned it, thinking Dylan would say she’s overreacting. But she heard him mutter under his breath, “Get your own fucking girlfriend.”

He slammed the door on Jeff and locked it behind him. Running his hands through his hair in frustration, he plopped back down on the mattress.

“Get your own fucking girlfriend?” she questioned with raised eyebrows. “A little aggressive don’t you think?”

His hands found their way back to her waist, “I’m getting real sick and tired of him looking at you like that. You should hear what he says when you’re not here.”

“What the hell is he saying to you?” she demanded, suddenly feeling violated and angry.

“Nothing,” he groaned, rubbing his eyes. “Forget I said anything. I don’t wanna think about it.”

She debating arguing the subject further, but she didn’t want to think about it either. She trusted Dylan and knew that if things got out of hand, he’d take care of her. Emma could only hope it didn’t go further than that. 

“What do you wanna do then?” she whispered, running her fingertips down his neck.

“What do you think?” he smiled, before kissing her again. She breathed into him as he climbed on top of her. Closing her eyes, she forgot all about Jeff and the uneasiness bubbling up in her stomach.

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