Against Protocol

“I think that you can’t stop thinking about me,” Isaac said looking down at me with hungry, dangerous eyes. 

“Don’t flatter yourself,”  I muttered and rolled my eyes for emphasis. He moved closer, branches cracking underneath each step. I backed away ignoring the beating in my chest and the sweat building on my palms. 

“You’re doing that for me,” he smiled. I shook my head slightly, trying to brush him off, but we both knew it wasn’t working. Startled, my back suddenly hit the tree behind me. His hand found my waist, squeezing it, “Tell me you don’t feel it and I’ll walk away.” 

“Feel what?” I nearly whispered, barley able to control my breathing. My hand covered his to hold it there. 

His lips were on my ear, “I think you know.” 

I kissed him hard, my hands wrapping around his neck. The thought of waiting one more second for his lips to meet my skin, made my body want to explode with anticipation. “Isaac,” I breathed out as his hands pulled me against him. 

“Serena,” his voice hot in my ear and suddenly getting louder. I pulled away confused, when-


A voice whispered violently in my ear as hands shook my shoulders, yanking me awake and out of my dream. I gasped, holding my sheets against me.

“Isaac?” I asked as I recognized the face kneeling in front of my bed. All I could think was what he was doing to me just seconds ago. “What the hell?”

“Did you not set your alarm? Let’s go!” he demanded harshly and without a trace of patience. I looked at my watch seeing it was 2:11 in the morning. Groaning, I crawled out of bed.

Of course it only took him eleven minutes to barge in and wake me up, I thought. I pulled on my clothes quickly and jogged out my door into the cold, cement hallways. It was freezing and the entirety of the academy was asleep.

Isaac was at the end of the hallway, holding open the door and waiting just as impatiently as he had woken me up. I tried to shake away the dream, knowing how far off and inappropriate it was considering the circumstances.

“Where’s Nate?” I asked as I caught up to him.

“He’s not coming,” he answered without looking at me and we hit the piercing, night air. I took a sharp breath in, hoping to warm up fast as we started jogging the route.

“Why not?” I asked, suddenly worried. “Just the two of us is against protocol.”

“So is you calling me Isaac, but that doesn’t seem to stop you.”

“Excuse me Sergeant Hayes,” I drew out sarcastically. It felt strange rolling off my tongue. I liked Isaac much better; less serious. “Where is he?”

“I told you. He’s not coming,” he told me more firmly this time. I felt him start to pick up the pace, either trying to shut me up or challenge me. “You scared to be alone with me or something? You didn’t sound scared of me when I went to wake you up.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked as I felt my stomach curl, thinking back to the dream.

“You said my name while you were sleeping,” he smiled, suddenly turning sideways to look at me while still keeping pace.

I scoffed as my cheeks undoubtedly flared a bright red. “I don’t recall.”

“You sure about that?” he slowed a distinct amount and turned fully towards me. I stopped, coming to a walk as I could feel my heart start beating wildly and not from the exercise. His chest heaved up and down, his jacket formed around his muscles. “Cause it sounded kinda sexy. Even a little breathy.”

I couldn’t believe these words were actually coming out of his mouth, much less while we were alone in the woods. I thought back to what my subconscious had us do up against the trees and couldn’t help the longing do it right here, right now.

Instead, I demanded, “Why isn’t Nate here? What are you up to? ”

He stepped closer to me until were were just inches apart and asked, “What do you think?”

“Because I’m here!” a voice shouted as we jumped apart. I felt like a child getting caught with her hand stuck in the cookie jar. It was his sister, Ivy, standing with her hands on her hips and glaring at me with about as much hatred as I’d ever seen. I swallowed the lump in my throat and looked down at the ground. “He didn’t tell you I’m taking Nate’s spot, today?”

“No,” I answered, glaring up at him. “He didn’t.”

“Well then,” Ivy said in a voice so mean my bones rattled and stepped so close to me her nose was practically touching mine. “Keep running.”

I looked back up at Isaac, who’s eyes were shining green and looked as embarrassed as I felt.I started running again, breathing heavy and arms swinging, as I replayed Isaac’s every word, every movement in my head. I couldn’t help but think I was about to step into a entirely new territory. 

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