On Leave

  Walker gripped the steering wheel tighter and turned the music up louder. He found his eyes dropping further with each moment, feeling the fatigue wash over him. In the seat next to him his buddy, Will, was just starting to wake up. They were making their way from Colorado back to Oregon, hopefully to … More On Leave


“Are you two going to teach me or just stand there gossiping?” I snapped tired of hearing the little whispering sessions between the two of them. Isaac’s head snapped up, glaring at me, and his jaw clenched. My body was still recovering from the beating I took last week. I still couldn’t understand how I … More Training

Sycamore Lanes

There were silver, rusted knobs that shook every time you would reach for it and that would turn loosely in your hand as you opened the door. You would step onto the worn carpet and ignore the large brown stains that covered too much of it. The brown couches took up the living room while … More Sycamore Lanes