Dear Lucy

Write a diary entry or letter from the main character of your work in progress.  Dear Lucy, I don’t know you and I know you don’t know me, but you know my sister. Remember April? That kid you had once upon time? You’re memory might be a bit hazy depending on what drugs you’ve taken … More Dear Lucy

Travis’s Letters

Do not lose hope —what you seek will be found.” ― Neil Gaiman Letter One “April, you were on your way to Bridal Veil – that’s where I’ll be. I don’t want to think that you wouldn’t come back for your own brother, so find this. Find me. I’ll see you at the waterfalls. Love, … More Travis’s Letters

Travis Price

 “Sometimes home isn’t four walls. It’s two eyes and a heartbeat.” – Unknown Sophie was waiting for him so they could go grab dinner. Driving up to her house, only fifteen minutes from the ranch, he was practically glowing from his first official surgery. And it was successful. He was itching to tell her everything.  Travis and Sophie had … More Travis Price