It’s strange that I can’t remember what I wore on any given day, but there are certain days that I know exactly what I wore from head to toe. For example, the day before Thanksgiving roughly four to five years ago I wore blue jeans, black Ugg boots, a maroon collared top, a black cardigan, … More Outfits

A Ludicrous Idea

“Do you ever want to die so the shitty people who’ve wronged you feel guilty?” I asked, my hands gripping the wheel a little bit tighter than before. I’ve never said it out loud, but these past few weeks the thought has bubbled up in my mind on more than one occasion. “Why would you want … More A Ludicrous Idea


Write from the point of view of a day of the week.  I think she thinks I’m the enemy. She’s looked at me with the same amount of hatred a dog has headed to the vet…to get his balls chopped off. It’s like she thinks I set out to hurt her. As if I enjoyed it. But, … More Wednesday

Holding On

She was sweet, but she was mean. She was small, and the world was big. She would float on the water, looking into the infinite space above and ponder the immensity of the world around her. She thought back to a time when sadness overwhelmed her to the point of numbness. A numbness so blinding … More Holding On

Life Lessons

I once told them that if they divorced, I would no longer believe in love. I was sixteen and impressionable. Now, I’m twenty-one and, yes, still impressionable, but less so than before. Now, I know that love itself isn’t so easy to believe in. I spent years thinking that people who’ve made the decision to … More Life Lessons

Against Protocol

“I think that you can’t stop thinking about me,” Isaac said looking down at me with hungry, dangerous eyes.  “Don’t flatter yourself,”  I muttered and rolled my eyes for emphasis. He moved closer, branches cracking underneath each step. I backed away ignoring the beating in my chest and the sweat building on my palms.  “You’re doing … More Against Protocol