I lived in this town my whole life, and most of the time that’s fine by me. But in the late fall when the sky fills with birds migrating south for the winter, traveling thousands of miles, I get homesick for places I’ve never been. Places like the highest point of a mountain, where the … More Untouched

The Woods

Write a poem with a twist. Her footsteps cease. A small cottage alone in the woods, tucked away in a white sheen of snow. Rumors of witches eating children flutter in her thoughts. She clutched the man next to her and lifted a trembling hand to knock on the painted wood, dark as night. Crackling … More The Woods

The Corner Booth

Use imagery as you write for fifteen minutes about your character trying a new restaurant. “I’ll take the corner booth,” she told the waiter quietly, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear. He was tall and gangly looking as he shrugged and gestured for her to follow him through the dark, romantic restaurant. She … More The Corner Booth

Dear Lucy

Write a diary entry or letter from the main character of your work in progress.  Dear Lucy, I don’t know you and I know you don’t know me, but you know my sister. Remember April? That kid you had once upon time? You’re memory might be a bit hazy depending on what drugs you’ve taken … More Dear Lucy

Diner Talk

Write a short story set in a restaurant. One character orders their favorite meal. The other character orders the same thing. One character leaves before the meal is over. “How have you been?” he asked his little brother, Emmett, who was shockingly tall compared to the last time they saw each other. Walker remembered how lanky … More Diner Talk

White Walls

Write 250 words inspired by the colors of the walls around you. Penitentiary isn’t what I imagined. Neither is solitary. The brightness of the walls are hurting my eyes even with them closed. I was almost expecting a straight jacket and padded walls; Instead, it was a 6 x 9 brick cage painted white. I … More White Walls

The End is Coming!

“The truth is . . . once you learn how to die, you learn how to live.” – Tuesday with Morrie “Ironic isn’t it?” I jerked my thumb over to the man on the side of the road with the giant, picket sign reading, The End is Coming!  “Why is that ironic?” Emily asked, finishing up … More The End is Coming!

The Musical Bunny

I promise to see her again someday When that will be, I really can’t say I promise to make up for the time that’s past To hold her and comfort her, in my arms at last. – Dear God, Please Take Care of my Little Girl by Terry Gouveia She picked up one of the … More The Musical Bunny

Wishing Well

A bloody kiss from the wishing well. -an old prison rhyme A bloody kiss from the wishing well was the last gift he gave me. The sirens were growing stronger. He pulled me close, leaving bright smears of red on my arms. I thought, if only for a second, the trees could protect us. Our breaths … More Wishing Well