Sycamore Lanes

There were silver, rusted knobs that shook every time you would reach for it and that would turn loosely in your hand as you opened the door. You would step onto the worn carpet and ignore the large brown stains that covered too much of it. The brown couches took up the living room while … More Sycamore Lanes

Life Lessons

I once told them that if they divorced, I would no longer believe in love. I was sixteen and impressionable. Now, I’m twenty-one and, yes, still impressionable, but less so than before. Now, I know that love itself isn’t so easy to believe in. I spent years thinking that people who’ve made the decision to … More Life Lessons

Feet Like Fire

“Your body will argue that there is no justifiable reason to continue. Your only recourse is to call upon your spirit, which fortunately functions independently from logic.” – Tim Noakes  “Anne!” I heard my name, screamed over the noise of the crowd, and looked up to see my coach, pulling me out of my trance. … More Feet Like Fire

What is Love?

Do you believe in love? Of course not.  Where do you find happiness? In solitude.  Isn’t that lonely? Loneliness implies pain. Solitude is peace. So tell me, what’s love?  Love is what puts solitude to shame. How would you know?  I’ve experienced both. Then, please, explain why love trumps all. Because you feel things you … More What is Love?

Tired Hearts

there is a road that will lead you home, a broken path that’s growing old He could hear her from all the way down the hall. His brothers were sleeping, but he was still awake and listening. He stepped closer, his bare feet cold on the wood floor. Her cries were broken and painful with every passing moment … More Tired Hearts

Against Protocol

“I think that you can’t stop thinking about me,” Isaac said looking down at me with hungry, dangerous eyes.  “Don’t flatter yourself,”  I muttered and rolled my eyes for emphasis. He moved closer, branches cracking underneath each step. I backed away ignoring the beating in my chest and the sweat building on my palms.  “You’re doing … More Against Protocol